I hear this from couples all the time, and I’m here to tell you that YES, photos can be really fun! It’s all about being able to feel yourself and at ease around the right person. Your images will be more vibrantly genuine when you have found the photographer that clicks. And as it happens, that is my specialty!

Ever wonder if it’s possible to feel relaxed and excited about having your photos taken?

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Yes, it’s pronounced “Mommy”! Born and raised in Kobe, Japan, I moved to Hawaii as a bright eyed teenager and fell in love with the life I found. Twenty years and two amazing children later, I still feel lucky every single day to be surrounded by the wild beauty and rich culture of Kauai. On my days off I surf most mornings, cook often, travel for work and play, and always enjoy coming home to the slow pace of island life with my ‘ohana. 

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meet mami


It’s 1995 at a camera shop in Kobe, Japan. I’m the little girl outside, face pressed against the glass, waiting with butterflies in my stomach to get my first roll of film developed. This film would be the catalyst that sends me on my journey of seeking beauty and light for the rest of my life. Fast forward to 2015 where I’ve built something magical, Mami Wyckoff Photography, in a little town on the beautiful island I now call home. This is the magic, YOU are the magic, and it has been my lifelong honor to create. And yes, I still get butterflies.


thank you for being here

I’m so lucky to have an amazingly supportive family who I love to spend time with. Find us cooking together (I make my own miso!), teaching the kids to surf, and laughing a lot. 

‘Ohana means family

Self-care is surfing! As a “tiny wave surfer”, I prioritize time in the water. Catch me with an iced latte at the break of dawn on my way to surf. This is the best reset and my favorite way to start the day. 

The ocean is my happy place

My family is still in Japan, and it’s some of my most treasured memories to be able to visit them in each stage of my life. I’ve learned so much throughout my travels to 8 different countries, and will always carry with me the culture and values learned along the way. 

Traveling creates inspiration

these are a few of my favorite things...


My husband and I got married at sunrise up on a cliff and she was there, ready with a smile on her face! I was thankful that she listened to what we were hoping for and followed through perfectly plus adding her own beautiful flare. She will always be our goto photographer for any special moment we want to capture in the future. I highly recommend Mami as a photographer for your special life moment(s)!

Mami is simply wonderful. her positive energy, communication, and pure sweetness are exceptional!

- Mama mia


What do you dream of when you think about having photos taken of you and your loved ones? I want to hear all about you and your vision; let’s start the conversation!

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